For more than two decades, All-Ways Green Services has been a leader in commercial green cleaning for the San Francisco Bay Area. We strongly believe in the “green movement” and rely on using environmental-friendly cleaning methods, products and solutions. This means lowering our carbon footprint and eliminating things like phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances and colors.

All-Ways Green Services has been Green Certified since our founding in 2000. We utilize a 40-point check list to reduce our footprint and make a concerted effort at maintaining our environmental values. In the field, our teams utilize Green certified cleaning solutions, Hepa filtered vacuums, microfiber cloths, water-saving mop systems, recycling, and compost programs. We deliver quality services you can feel good about!

We believe in responsible stewardship towards our planet and our health. Keeping your employees and clients safe from harsh and poisonous chemicals while maintaining a sound disinfecting regimen, is an important objective for All-Ways Green Services. Responsible Green cleaning is our solution in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for you. We will provide clean disinfected surfaces using CDC-approved disinfectants that remove germs and bacteria.

Below lists the green services we are committed to:

  • LEED certification processes
  • Recycling services
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Pollution reduction
  • Certified HEPA filtering
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • Green cleaning in our additional supported services

All-Ways Green Services has seen our green cleaning services improve the quality of life for employees and customers by increasing tenant and employee wellbeing, improving employee production, and reducing illness and disease.

Go green with us to help sustain our planet and create a better future for our children!



wow, I am impressed with the quality in the details of these guys, we have worked with them for a long time and I like that they have a variety of cleaning services, what we need with regard to cleaning they do, all in one cleaning company, amazing !!


All-Ways Green cleans two marinas that i manage in the bay area. They are incredible reliable and there service is impeccable. There staff is friendly and polite and well trained, Gabby is my favorite she keep me well informed when something arises that needs my attention.


We use a combination of in-house staff and personnel from All-Ways Green. This allows us quite a bit of flexibility in scheduling work. The people that All-Way Green has supplied are all first rate, dependable, and effective.


We have been using All-Ways Green Services for multiple years and we have been very satisfied with their commitment to quality cleaning. As a school, we have required particular services since reopening in October 2020 for at-school instruction and All-Ways Green Services has been their to deep clean

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