Outsourcing your cleaning to a professional has several advantages: eliminate the need to manage employees for cleaning, receive a higher level of services from knowledgeable professionals, reduce liability, reduce payroll, and it will allow you to focus on all the other important aspects of running your business. The key is finding the right company to Partner with. A company that has reasonable price points and can effectively and consistently deliver a professional job.

No matter how clean your club is when you open, by the end of the evening, a successful night often means a dirty establishment. Clean floors & restrooms are an important consideration for your clients. Sticky floors, fruit flies, graffiti, and unpleasant bathroom odors are just some of the many challenges we help our clients overcome every night. You can say goodbye to dirty drains, mats, sinks and bins which are all magnets for pest infestation.

The task is to have your club perfectly clean by the time your staff return the following day. With All-Ways Green Services, you will align with an organization that is committed to delivering consistent job performance, allowing you to successfully delegate a vital business concern.

Our outstanding customer service includes:

  • Easy and timely communication. You can call, text or email and know that a quick response is on the way.
  • Friendly engaged staff who genuinely care and understand that our work reflects who we are.
  • An ability to communicate with Management, supervisors, and team members all at once for efficiency and effectiveness. All hands-on deck so we are all on the same page.
  • Green cleaning- that is safe and healthy for your employees and clients as well as the planet. Green Cleaning is a rapidly emerging market that is increasingly valued by the public. It is an excellent way to share with your patrons that you care about our environment.

Experience with a commitment to Excellence

Finding the right cleaning company is essential and Partnering with a company that can deliver the promises they make defines the trajectory of the relationship. When we meet with companies who are looking for janitorial services we often hear, “I have hired a lot of companies over the years, most of them start off fine, but within months the quality of work goes down. I contact the cleaning company, and if they even respond the quality of work gets better just for a short while”. Does this sound familiar?

There are many answers as to why these dynamics occur. Whether it is making unrealistic promises, under budgeted work orders, improperly trained teams, a lack of professional accountability from the teams in the field to the front office and to management, a lack of old-fashioned work ethic (your work reflects who you are), underpaid staff or low morale are all factors common in the cleaning industry. The barrier of entry into our industry is low resulting in the axiom, “you get what you pay for”. When our company was founded, this was an important situation to acknowledge and solve.

All-Ways Green Services is always there to assist you. As one of the premium cleaning service providers in the San Francisco Bay Area, our main job is to take care of tough and time-consuming cleaning services for you. We will customize a cleaning plan based on your requirements, schedule, and budget.

The Difference Between All-Ways Green Services and Other Companies

• Experience

With over two decades of experience, All-Ways Green Services has been providing excellent services that are efficient and dependable.

• Green Services

From the moment you reach out to us, be assured that our staff is ready to serve from a Green Certified office. We provide more efficient, environment-friendly, healthy, and safer services than traditional cleaning companies. Reducing our carbon footprint is an important ingredient of our mission statement. A shift to green is something you can feel good about because you are protecting our environment as well as the health of your employees and customers.

• Great Services

We have responsive, knowledgeable, respectful, and friendly teams who are happy to engage in meeting your requests. Our customers can feel confident in easily reaching us via email, phone, or text. Additionally, that the exchange feels good and produces the results needed. All-Ways Green Services can deliver on this promise.

• Value

We are extremely proud of providing budget-friendly cleaning solutions. We won’t over promise to undermine a sustainable dynamic, but we won’t overcharge.

A Green Future

Going green is a great option to protect the health of your customers and employees while embracing the growing demand for environmentally responsible practices. Keeping your employees and clients safe from harsh and poisonous chemicals while maintaining a sound disinfecting regimen is important. Responsible Green cleaning is the solution. All-Ways Green Services has been Green certified since our founding and green practices have been a central component of our mission as a company. We believe in responsible stewardship towards our planet and our health.

With our combination of professional systems, high standards, and guaranteed customer satisfaction, we are confident that we will provide a valued service for your facility well into the future.

Allergy Relief

Safe cleaning solutions provide allergy relief instead of compounding allergies with harsh chemicals.

CDC Approved

Usage of CDC approved methods and cleaning solutions to disinfect against germs and viruses assures you of their safety and effectiveness. All approved solutions are reviewed and certified by scientists utilizing rigorous testing via the CDC.

Organic Solutions

We will clean your facility using organic Green Certified cleaning solutions. We work with you to provide solutions that help ensure superior cleaning and improved indoor air quality for your business, benefiting employees and visitors. Utilizing green, bio-based, non-toxic, and low­ VOE emitting cleaners and materials, All-Ways Green Services is committed to keeping your facility clean while reducing environmental pollutants.

Comprehensive Services

With daily cleaning comes periodic services which we provide a wide range of:

  • Litter removal
  • High Dusting
  • Food court janitorial services
  • Trash collection and disposal
  • Polishing Stainless steel
  • Cleaning and polishing of high traffic floors
  • High pressure cleaning for parking lots, concrete areas, and general exterior
  • Graffiti removal
  • Window and skylight cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Stripping & sealing of floors
  • And much more!

For us, your satisfaction is our foremost concern, which makes us the perfect choice.

For more information contact us at (510) 558-0965 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide deep cleaning services for bars and nightclubs?

Yes. We provide deep cleaning services for bars and nightclubs and help to get rid of unpleasant bathroom odors, sticky floors, graffiti, etc.

Do you provide flexible cleaning schedules?

Yes. We have flexible schedules that can deal with late hours and fast turnaround requirements for your nightclub and bar. Give us a call at 510-558-0965 to know more.

What locations do you serve?

We provide our Pub and bar cleaning services in San Francisco, Pub and bar cleaning services in Oakland, Pub and bar cleaning services in Berkeley, Pub and bar cleaning services in Concord, Pub and bar cleaning services in Walnut Creek, Pub and bar cleaning services in Hayward, Pub and bar cleaning services in San Rafael. We are a leading Pub and bar cleaning company in San Francisco, Pub and bar cleaning company in Oakland, Pub and bar cleaning company in Berkeley, Pub and bar cleaning company in Concord, Pub and bar cleaning company in Walnut Creek, Pub and bar cleaning company in Hayward, Pub and bar cleaning company in San Rafael, Bar cleaning oakland, Bar cleaning san francisco, Bar cleaning services in oakland, Bar cleaning services in san francisco. Contact us for a free estimate now.



All-Ways Green provides excellent service and I just love the team. I know that is an odd thing to say about a cleaning service, but it is true. I have used several cleaning services for my office space in the past, but they really are the best in my opinion. I don't like harsh cleaning supply orders and they were able to accommodate my needs... See More


wow, I am impressed with the quality in the details of these guys, we have worked with them for a long time and I like that they have a variety of cleaning services, what we need with regard to cleaning they do, all in one cleaning company, amazing !!


All-Ways Green cleans two marinas that i manage in the bay area. They are incredible reliable and there service is impeccable. There staff is friendly and polite and well trained, Gabby is my favorite she keep me well informed when something arises that needs my attention.


We use a combination of in-house staff and personnel from All-Ways Green. This allows us quite a bit of flexibility in scheduling work. The people that All-Way Green has supplied are all first rate, dependable, and effective.

We look forward to hearing from you